I OFFER preventative, holistic, personal and confidential counselling to individuals over 16 years of age. Over the years, I have had many clients come for parenting issues in regards to their adolescent children and I do offer counselling to young adults as they begin to make transitions into independent living. If you have a child under the age of 16, I will be happy to consult with you, the parents/ caregivers to determine the best course to undertake to meet your goals.

I DO NOT OFFER counselling services to individuals with severe addiction to alcohol and or drugs, individuals experiencing or demonstrating physical violence and threats or individuals seeking counselling before having to go to court for an offence or charge. There are other community services that are more appropriate and specialized for these types of problems. You can locate some of these resources by going to

If we are in the process of counselling and I feel that you would be best served by another practitioner or community program I will do my best to help you find these resources. Please be aware that I do not offer a diagnosis nor prescribe medication as this is provided by appropriate licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. Issues presented in counselling are what I consider to be Internal Personal Issues and/ or External Interpersonal Conflicts.

Possible Internal Personal issues may include:

  • Anxiety, fear and phobias
  • Grief, separation and loss
  • Self growth, self management,
  • Physical body image, pain, discomfort
  • Anger and stress management
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Spiritual confusion
  • Transition, work and life cycle changes.

External Interpersonal Conflicts refer to our relationships with others in the world in all facets of our life. It is where we interface with others and have an opportunity to see our self reflected in another. Sometimes we like what we see and at other times we don’t.

Constant relationship conflicts can put a real wear and tear on our self worth and eventually take root in our bodies as does any long standing disturbing emotion, memory or limiting beliefs that have remained unattended to, denied or avoided.

Possible relationship and communication breakdown and dysfunction may occur between:

  • Parent/child

Adolescent developmental shifts, school, marital separation and or divorce, loss grief and bullying concerns.

  • Self/work mates, managers and or supervisors

Work stress, responsibilities, downsizing, rejection, misunderstandings and conflict resolution issues.

  • Self / boyfriend, fiancé, life partner, husband and or wife

Pre-marital, parenting disagreements, work life balance, communication breakdown, needs not recognized, betrayal.

  • Self/ in-laws

Acceptance/rejection issues, care giving, priorities, loyalty issues.

  • Self/friendships, peers

Betrayal, exclusion, social anxiety, shyness.