I OFFER preventative, holistic, personal and confidential counselling to individuals over 16 years of age. Over the years, I have had many clients come for parenting issues in regards to their adolescent children and I do offer counselling to young adults as they begin to make transitions into independent living. If you have a child under the age of 16, I will be happy to consult with you, the parents/ caregivers to determine the best course to undertake to meet your goals.

I DO NOT OFFER counselling services to individuals with severe addiction to alcohol and or drugs, individuals experiencing or demonstrating physical violence and threats or individuals seeking counselling before having to go to court for an offence or charge. There are other community services that are more appropriate and specialized for these types of problems.


My hourly private practice fee is $125.00 an hour (including HST). Those who are coming for counselling as part of an EAP program have their fees covered by their company. Please check with your plan/benefit provider to confirm if they cover registered psychotherapists (RP). My registration number with CRPO is 001064 and I am listed as “Josephine Galardo.”