Here you will find a list of informative websites on MTT and EFT. Most include free downloads, articles and tapping videos to support your continued practice.

Meridian tapping techniques include a host of energy meridian practices including EFT and you will notice variations and new developments using the same EFT tapping protocol points but with variations. Some practitioners change the reminder phrase on each point; some use only the short sequence, others add additional points. Facilitators, trainers and professionals using these techniques come from a wide variety of back rounds from coaches to chiropractors, doctors, psychologist’s, counsellors and nurses.

To quote Gary, we are on the “ground floor of a healing high rise” and as time has unfolded seasoned Meridian and EFT professionals have discovered their own insights and have developed their own variations with much success like Patricia Carrington’s “Choices” method and a combination of ask and receive developed by Sandi Radomski & Tom Altaffer with EFT tapping. Some of these variations may appeal to you and I encourage you to explore them all.