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Mental health impacts many aspects of our children’s lives including how they feel about themselves and others, and how they cope with the demands of life. This site provides access to the many community services and resources available to support their emotional well-being.

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Co-coordinated Intake for Adult Ambulatory Mental Health Services L.H.S.C.

519 667-6551, medical referral required, serving ages 16 to 64 with

a mental health issue.

Canadian Mental Health Association London


Providing a number of mental health self help groups.

Adults and youth, 16 years and over, with serious mental illness * general

London Abused Women’s Centre


Short-term individual counseling for women, 16 years and over, experiencing violence in their intimate relationships (those who are being abused by a current or former adult intimate partner (ie, husband, boyfriend, common-law or same sex partner) * professionals and the general public


Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline (OPGH)

Toll-Free: 1-888-230-3505 (Helpline)

Offering province wide information and referral service. Free, confidential and anonymous.

Gamblers Anonymous – London Chapter

519-649-1178 (Leave Message)

Addiction Services of Thames Valley


Offering confidential assessment and treatment of all substance use (except tobacco) for adults and youth 13 years and over * ongoing case management, outpatient counselling and aftercare to facilitate recovery * consultations to employers, families and professionals

Alcoholics Anonymous – London and Area

519-438-1122 (Hotline – London)
519-633-0430 HOTLINE - St Thomas)

Centre of Hope, withdrawal Management Program

Office: 519-432-7241

A non-medical co-ed residential facility * provides a safe, non-threatening environment for acute detoxification from substance use/abuse (alcohol and drug) * attempts to motivate client to seek rehabilitation and gives direction toward ongoing treatment.

Westover Addictions Assistance Service

1 800 721-3232 telephone relapse/ prevention

and support for family members and users and referral information.

Sex Addicts Anonymous / Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous – London Chapter

519-675-3725 (Helpline – leave message)


Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario – London


Self referral accepted. Individuals with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and their families * anyone with an interest/inquiry.

London, Middlesex, Bruce, Elgin, Grey, Huron, Oxford and Perth

Amethyst School

519-453-4400 School age children and youth identified with a learning disability or a learning disability with an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD, ADHD).

Short-term residential elementary and secondary school for pupils with severe learning disabilities * individualized academic and social program * pupils are gradually re-integrated into an appropriate school program in their home community within one year

Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line

Toll-Free: 1-800-268-9688 Youth up 26 years

4pm-9:30pm Sun-Fri (Youth Line)

Youth Action Centre

Office: 519-434-6500

Resource centre offers information and referral to existing services for at-risk, transient and street youth * services include outreach, life skills groups, supportive counselling, advocacy, basic needs service provision and prevention education, parenting education * showers, laundry facilities and hygiene supplies are available * health and safety information and supplies are available including needle exchange, condoms, first aid supplies * assists youth in finding housing, food, emergency shelter, medical/health care, education, legal aid and counselling * offers many in centre programs to meet basic needs of youth. ( age 16 to 24)

St Leonard’s Community Services London and Region


A Time to Think program- focuses on modifying the impulsive, egocentric, illogical and rigid thinking of youth, 12-16 years.

Session Choices program – decision making program helps youth 12-16 years gain basic life skills.

Oxford-Elgin Child & Youth Centre

Toll Free: 1-877-539-0463 or Urgent Services: 1-877-539-0463

Canadian Mental Health Association – Elgin Branch

Crisis: 519-631-2180 (24 hour Crisis/Support)

Offers a full range of services for adults and youth 16-65 years with a serious mental illness. Also offers an early intervention program and a crisis safe bed program

Regional Mental Health Care, St Thomas and London

Crisis: 519-631-8510 ext 49430 or 1-800-265-4361 (24 hour)

Crisis response system offering a phone line, interview walk-in service, triage, intensive support to short-stay admissions, group and individual outpatient therapy for emotional states (schizophrenia, panic anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, etc.) * brief marital and relationship therapy can be arranged.

Crisis and Relapse Prevention Service Regional Mental Health Care, St Thomas

Crisis: 519-631-8510 ext 49430 or 1-800-265-4361 (24 hour)

Adult crisis response system offering a phone line, interview walk-in service, triage, intensive support to short-stay admissions, group and individual outpatient therapy for emotional states (schizophrenia, panic anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma, etc.) * brief marital and relationship therapy can be arranged.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Program

London Health Sciences Centre, South Street Hospital

519-667-6640 (intake.) Medical referral required for psychiatric consultation.

Serving youth under 16 years old.

Assessment and treatment of children and adolescents who present with mental health difficulties * services provided include inpatient, outpatient, eating disorders, and day treatment * treatments can include: individual psychotherapy, play therapy, family therapy, group therapy, crisis assessment and psychiatric consultation * emergency room consultation.

Adolescent outreach St Joseph’s Health Care, London – Regional Mental Health Care, London

519-631-6568 (Intake) –

Provides one-on-one community-based (home, school, community setting) counselling including consultation, education, assessment, treatment and community integration. Youth, 13-17.5 years, with emotional and/or psychiatric difficulties.
Clients are experiencing emotional and psychiatric difficulties including adjustment issues related to emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts/actions, and psychosis.

Eating Disorders Program and Outreach Service

519-667-6640 (Intake) Medical referral required

-Children and youth 18 years and under, who have eating disorder symptoms.

Hope’s Garden, Eating Disorders Support and Resource Centre

519-434-7721 51

Offering support groups,, drop in and resource centre.

Prevention and Early Intervention Program in Psychosis (PEPP)

519-667-6777 South Street Hospital, WMCH Building

Adults and youth, 16-50 years, experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)


Medical referral required for psychiatric assessment *

Children and youth up to 18 years, with complex, emotional and behavioral disorders * their families, guardians and caregivers.

Madame Vanier Children’s Services

519-433-0334 (Intake Services)

Crisis: 519-433-0334 (24 hour)

Children and youth birth-16 years, with behavioral, social and emotional difficulties, with or without learning disabilities, and their families.

Children’s mental health centre offering community-based assessment, counselling and treatment for children and families in residential, respite and outpatient programs * services offered include:

  • family therapy
  • child management training
  • pediatric and psychological assessment and consultation
  • art or play therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • parent, family, child and youth groups

Merrymount Children’s Centre

519 434-6848

Offering family support and crisis services, supervised access, overnight emergency care, children and parent groups and community outreach programs.

London Learning Clinic


Medical clinic providing assessment and treatment of children with learning disorders (learning disability or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that may be complicated by additional medical concerns) * advice and resource-specific recommendations provided to parents and staff of local schools * assessment results are conveyed to school personnel only with parental permission.

Medical referral required. Children with learning and/or behavioral problems, particularly those with associated medical problems, who are in Elementary School within the Thames Valley School District, Grades 1 to 8 only.

Ontario Early Years Centre – Elgin-Middlesex-London


Provides answers to questions about parenting, information about programs and services that are available for young children and an opportunity to talk to early years professionals, as well as network with other parents and caregivers in the community

Parents and caregivers with children birth to 6 years.

Parenting Education Classes Middlesex-London Health Unit – Family Health Services

519-663-5317 ext 2378 (Registration Line)

Two to five session programs of approximately 2 hours each session * topics discuss age specific parental concerns and include child care, nutrition, growth and development, safety, communication, discipline, stress management, parenting, sexuality, self esteem, setting limits for adolescents and enjoying those teenage years,


Third Age Outreach Program for Seniors

St Joseph’s Health Care, London

519-661-1621 or 519-661-1620

Adults 60 years and over, and their families.

Elgin Elder Abuse Resource Committee

519-631-8891 (Senior Support Line)

Toll-Free: 1-877-331-8891 (Senior Support Line)
Crisis: 519-631-8891

Provides support and education regarding elder abuse * multi-disciplinary case consultation team to assist in dealing with specific instances of elder abuse

South West Community Care Access Centre, London

Office: 519-473-2222… Toll-Free: 1-800-811-5146

For individuals of all ages with health care needs such as the elderly, people with disabilities and school age children with medical/complex needs and the terminally ill . Covered by OHIP

South West Community Care Access Centre – St Thomas Office

Office: 519-631-9907
Toll-Free: 1-800-563-3098

Sleep Clinic


Sleep clinic * diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders

Wellspring London and Region Cancer Support


Offers a wide range of non-medical programs and services to support cancer patients and their loved ones through diagnosis, treatment and beyond * services are professionally delivered and volunteer supported * telephone for more information about meeting times for support groups and programs

Bereaved Families of Ontario – Southwest Region


Bereavement support provided to parents and families following the death of a child at any age and support to children who have experienced the death of a sibling or parent * support is based on self help/mutual aid

Bereavement Resource Council of Elgin

519-633-2149          Toll-Free: 1-800-463-1810

Bereavement support for children, teens and adults in Elgin County * support offered primarily through groups with limited individual support also available * groups include: baby loss support group, suicide survivor group, closed adult groups, teen group and youth group * educational resources * speakers available

Daya Counselling Centre

Offering community counseling. Fees apply however no one turned away. call 519 434-0077 ext 0 or ext 392

Family Service Thames Valley

Community counseling program

To access service call 519-433-0183. No formal referral is required.