It is that time of the year again for the lead up to the Tapping World Summit. Mark your calendars for the start date on Feb 23rd. This runs for a number of days and is a FREE event and an opportunity to hear some of the best EFT practitioners. Every year I promote this event because many of my clients have benefited from just listening in when they can. For those who have never heard about EFT this is a smorgasbord of knowledge of how tapping can be applied to issues you are facing in your life. There is typically a 24/48? hour window to view the sessions for FREE!You are required to sign up with your e-mail as the presentations will be sent directly to your e-mail when the event begins. There is a lot of information on this page and if you scroll down lower you will see the presenters for this summit and the topic they will be speaking on. Nick,his sister Jessica and Alex Ortner,his brother have been very active in bringing attention to EFT into mainstream awareness through the summit and in particular to the community of Sandy Hook,supporting families and service workers to cope with this tragedy using EFT to heal the trauma.They donated a large sum of money from last years summit to continue the work they started there.

Nick is releasing this video as part of the lead up to his 7th Annual Tapping World Summit, starting on February 23rd. This event has been attended by over 1 million people over the last 6 years. It is a truly life-transforming event that you don’t want to miss out on. If you have been curious about EFT this is a good place to begin learning more.

Watch the video by clicking here.