My soul purpose is to create transformational change by encouraging and sharing creative ideas and inspiring and facilitating personal awareness with individuals with whom I meet. I assist you in discovering your own inner resources and strengths.

It is my joy to offer guidance, tools, strategies and support to you enabling you to step out of your emotional pain.

I believe that most physical health challenges are in some way linked to unresolved emotional issues, trauma and limiting beliefs acquired through early childhood experiences with our families of origin and our school experiences. Stored in our unconscious mind, we are not necessarily consciously aware of the ways in which these experiences are influencing and driving our lives today. Throughout our growing and adult years, tragedy and hardships are often put on the back burner and continue to remain unresolved. This natural tendency to put aside or store unpleasant experiences allows us to temporarily move forward and cope with our current life. When our storage capacity for unresolved emotions becomes saturated we lose our resiliency to respond in healthy ways.

We might:

  • Self medicate through drugs, alcohol or eating inappropriately.
  • Avoid forming intimate and authentic relationships.
  • Project anger and intolerance towards others creating conflict in our personal relationships.
  • Manifest symptoms of anxiety, or depression.
  • Feel unfulfilled with our work and loss of inspiration and motivation.
  • Adopt a victim mentality and blame God, life or others for our unhappiness.
  • Experience sleep problems or manifest physical symptoms.

These are warning signs. Our highest self is asking for our attention to release and rebalance; to heal old wounds and/ or change our behaviours and make healthier choices.

Avoiding dealing with these warning signs and unresolved emotions creates physical congestion in our energetic body. The meridian pathways of our energetic body are blocked which perpetuates the ongoing accompanying disturbing emotions. Meridian tapping techniques can help to release and collapse these disturbing patterns and bring us into alignment and balance. We cannot see this with our eyes and relatively no ‘scientific’ measurements can test this. We have been in a paradigm that tells us if we can’t see it or measure it, it must not exist. This is difficult for people who look at the world through logic. Emotional turmoil is often not logical .It is intuitive, creative and relational and many people have been taught that this way of moving through the world is not safe because they do not feel in control.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my philosophy on life and my work. I invite you to continue exploring this site.

- Jody