Jody Galardo

My name is Josephine (Jody) Galardo and I am registered psychotherapist (RP) with Ontario’s new College of Registered Psychotherpists of Ontario (CRPO). I am a member of OACCPP and an advanced Certified EFT practitioner with AAMET in England. I graduated with a Masters degree in Education, specifically in counselling and have over 30 years experience in psychotherapy. I have maintained a private practice in psychotherapy for the last 7 years.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with clients, aged 16 to 76 from a wide diversity of businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors who presented every kind of issue imaginable. Some attended my 60 minute sessions because of personal problems with self esteem, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss.

In 1999, I was looking for more effective strategies to bring to my psychotherapy practice and my desire was met with being introduced to MTT – Meridian Tapping Techniques – specifically EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique as originally developed by Gary Craig.

The goal of Meridian tapping and other similar body, mind, heart, energy techniques is to facilitate effective change in alleviating dis-ease and supporting core strength. It has now taken center stage as one of my primary treatment interventions in my counselling practice. This technique is user friendly and is easily taught to a client for home use and reduces the tendency towards therapist dependency.This was the missing link for me in my work with clients however it does not stand alone.

My training and experience in traditional therapeutic counselling laid the foundation in which I could spring board into this new and exciting cutting edge realm. The basic tenants of good therapy still apply and will remain an integral part of my practice like: confidentiality, empathetic communication between therapist and client, positive regard, being in rapport, goal consensus and collaboration. I weave aspects of CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), RET (rational emotive therapy) with home work assignments and/ or awareness and relaxation or visualization exercises with tapping methods .I encourage reading and will offer literature suggestions, community resources, and activities that might support your goals if appropriate .

I am a lifelong learner and enjoy reading and attending trainings and workshops. I am passionate about NIA, a whole body fitness dance program, and am an artist and beaded jewellery designer.

Please call 519 933-0638 or e-mail contact@mttcounselling.com for more information or to answer any questions you might have.