Effective as of January 1st 2016 there will be an increase in the hourly fees for psychotherapy with Josephine “ Jody’ Galardo RP, M.Ed from $110 to $125. which includes the HST. There has not been a change in fees since 2010. The no show or < than 24 hr. notice will remain the same rate at $ 65.00.

This year the province of Ontario created the College of Registered Psychotherapists Of Ontario to regulate practitioners offering “psychotherapy” counselling services in this province in efforts to protect the public from individuals who are offering therapy but do not have adequate training, education and experience to do so, despite the fact that parliament has yet to actually define and pass the “Psychotherapy Act”. The definition of psychotherapy as it currently reads was thought to be too broad and needs further clarity.

It can be very confusing for the public to know whose who and what all those darn letters mean behind someone’s name. Know that it is ok to ask your counsellor/ therapist about their designation, affiliations, education and titles. A Regulated College does not refer to where your therapist went to university or received their education. They are regulated body set up to protect you, the public and is a place for you to bring complaints and concerns you might have about your therapist, doctor, social worker etc that you cannot seem to resolve with them yourself. A college sets the standards of good practice and outlines ethics of practice ,misconduct guidelines and required continuing education guidelines that each member practitioner are required to abide by. In lay language a “college” police its members to protect you. Each therapist will have a member registration number with their respective college. Mine, for example is # 001064. You can check with your insurance company if they are covering registered psychotherapist sessions.

There are 5 other separate title designations that for years have been permitted to offer psychotherapy in this province. They include nurses, doctors, OT, social workers and psychologists, each regulated under their own unique college.

The title “RP” beside someone’s name/ business card means they are a “registered psychotherapist” and member of this new college and have undergone rigorous evaluation to determine their competencies to practice. Even though practitioners under the other 5 colleges can offer psychotherapy services they cannot advertise or identify themselves as a “psychotherapist” unless they are also a member of this new college as it is a protected title just like identifying yourself as a “psychologist” is not acceptable if you are not a member of the College of Psychologists Of Ontario.

For more information about this new college go to
The College of Registered Psychotherapists Of Ontario