If You ask any woman on the street how she
feels about her weight you’re likely
to get some scowling looks…

Both for how she feels about her weight and
for asking the question and bringing up the
topic in the first place. :)

For most women, thinking about their weight
and how they feel about their body is a
very emotional issue.

Society puts a great deal of pressure on
women to look good and be in shape.

And unfortunately 2/3 of women in the United
States alone are overweight, with 1/2 of
them being obese.

That leads to a lot of frustrated women who
are constantly going on a roller coaster
ride of going from one diet to another,
trying to find the magical solution.

But if weight loss is such an emotional
issue for women, why is the solution always
to look at diet and exercise, and not to
address the emotions?

Jessica Ortner, an EFT Tapping expert, has
been taking a much different approach towards
helping women and she’s been getting some
startlingly good results.

As Jessica says “Focusing on diet and exercise
FIRST when trying to release weight is the
wrong approach. You need to first focus on
what’s going on inside you, in your unconscious
brain, that is holding you back.”

Jessica is running several free webinars
this week that you can attend called “The
Biological Weight Loss Trap,” that go into
detail on the major role that our underlying
emotions, beliefs and traumas play with our
weight as well as our confidence in how we
feel about our bodies.

She shares some pretty shocking science and
research that prove exactly why ignoring
your emotions and only focusing on diet and
exercise doesn’t work.

This is a CONTENT PACKED webinar presentation
that will show you how to figure out what
is going on in YOU that is preventing you
from releasing weight, and just as importantly,
what is holding you back from feeling
comfortable and confident in your body…


I think this webinar is a must watch for any
woman, as it will give you a much deeper
understanding and more importantly, level of
control, over the unconscious things that
make it challenging to release weight.

There are a number of times available to
attend the webinar. I highly recommend
making some time to watch it.