Many EFT practitioners will notice when certain clients come to a new session or another session when something “awful” has happened, they begin to “rant” or ramble about all the things that are on their minds or how they are feeling….”I hate myself, no one cares about me, I’m so stupid, I can’t do anything right, so and so did, said…how could they do that to me …life is not fair…God does not love me…and so on. In traditional EFT we might be madly writing down these statements as possible tapping phrases, aspects to do with the client.
Silvia Hartman in her version of EFT which she calls “ENERGY EFT” (which by the way has a few modifications of the classic tapping sequencing) says that this kind of presentation by the client is “stress talk” and rather than trying to address each one of those statements, you first begin by tapping simply on stress, using the word “stress” because that is really what is happening to the client. Their energy system is in a chaotic state and as a practitioner you will notice the difficulty the client has in being able to lock in to what is really bothering them or identify the real issue…” my wife told me yesterday morning she is thinking about leaving me”.In other words as a practitioner you can get lost and distracted in a wild goose chase on each one of their thoughts and feelings, taking up valuable time and instead first do a round on ” all this stress”. The client will begin to calm and settle, blood will return to the frontal cortex and the most important aspect will be shared. Experienced practitioners will recognize this state immediately and have their own techniques and process to stabilize but simply tapping on “stress” right from the get go will be most beneficial. I have used this with clients using the heart and soul of “Energy EFT” protocol and not classic EFT set up and statements. Energy EFT begins with the hands on the heart, moves slower with more intentional breathing.I’m sure that classic EFT will have the same effect and I would advise moving more slowly, tapping very gently and taking some nice deep breaths between the points as in TAB (touch and breathe).You can easily do this yourself if you find yourself in a state of overwhelm and feel confused as to where to begin your tapping, what to focus on or what words to use. Good luck and let me know how this works for you, Warmly jody