Ever since Pat Carrington and Sandi Radomski first presented Ask and Receive, (see my first blog post on A&R)  I have been using A&R and sharing this with my clients. This practice deepened after signing up for her next teleseminar presentation a few months ago. I am continually impressed as to how well this protocol is received by clients, the ease of application, the simplicity of the protocol itself and the resulting calm and peace instilled by using this approach.

It has been my preference to use A&R before applying EFT to situations in which a client begins to experience strong feelings of being overwhelmed around a traumatic memory, particularly with a new client, as we establish the therapeutic relationship. Although there are well established EFT techniques to work gently around such situations I tend to be guided to use A&R as the first intervention. It is a wonderful “bridging” technique for me and seems to open the door to presenting EFT more easily despite that A&R is a standalone protocol.

I have yet to talk or share this with Sandi or Tom but have added a 6th line to her A&R protocol for my use with clients. As a fan of Dr. Emoto and Dr. Darren Weissman  I now end the sequence with “thank you with infinite love and gratitude” while using the hand signal for love over the heart. I observed that my clients had an awkward but not unpleasant response to ending the sequence with “information transfer is now complete”. Step 5 is a significant step for anchoring however it felt a little robotic .It evoked smiles and there was an urge to say that line with a computer generated voice “I.N.F.O.R.M.A.T.I.O.N. T.R.A.N.S.F.E.R.I.S.N.O.W.C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.” Maybe it is just my own stuff leftover from my past extraterrestrial life which probably accounts for why I actually value the line.

I intuited that using infinite love and gratitude with the hand signal felt even more complete as it brought the energy back into a heart centered place. I observed a different kind of smile from my clients and it was clear that it was a smile of peace and acknowledgement so now I include it at the end of every round. The power of the words love and gratitude are well documented in the literature as two of the highest vibration frequency words we can think and utter from our lips and so why not include it. Especially since we are calling upon the highest wisest place of our being to assist us with this protocol it made sense to me to thank that part of our being. It is a most delicious way to end the sequence.

The mere fact that the first line calls upon a part of our being that already knows how to solve this situation implies or unconsciously allows, in my opinion, the personality to possibly feel a sense of relief. The ego self can surrender to another, wiser part of their being and thus take on a role of witnessing the process rather than be the one having to do the work, like watching a movie but not having to act. There is a nice rhythm or cadence to the sequence, soothing and calming, that also supports the client to relax. One client said to me after a half hour of A&R “Are you a hypnotist?” which by the way, is not something I identify with!

I have found that the process allows for self reflection between rounds of A&R and draws the client into a state of mindfulness, checking for the next sensation, thought or feeling which may be coming up into awareness. I think this is what I enjoy the most about the process. A&R is very client driven, allowing me, the therapist, to pick up the next thread while at the same time being aware of the potential and all too common universal blockers, resistances or reversals like safety, permission, identity and deserving.  Much of the time I will simply guide the client using my intuition and plug in a round or two of these unconscious fears which can open a path particularly if they feel stuck. Working with these underlying limiting beliefs appears to support a release and integral to this wonderful technique.

Another area that I have been experimenting with A&R is in assisting clients to use the protocol acting as surrogate for another person or animal, cats in particular. This has been mysteriously interesting however it is yet to be determined how long lasting the results might be and similar to EFT, new aspects are likely to emerge when working with a long standing pattern .

I have a long way yet to go with learning how to apply this protocol and have been experimenting with the information I have gleamed from 2 teleseminars and relying on my own professional experience and education with energy modalities like EFT, TAT, Zensight etc in my work with clients. These are my thoughts and they may or may not represent the intentions, thoughts, beliefs or experiences of the authors of this technique, Sandra Radomski and Thomas Altaffer. For more information please go and visit www.askandreceive.org where you will find educational products and training details.

I am excited to be attending Sandi’s’ day long post conference training coming up in Toronto, October 24th as part of this year’s 13th Annual Energy Psychology Conference 2011. I hope to broaden my understanding and meet others interested in using this protocol. If you want to register for the A&R workshop or attend the 3 day weekend portion of the conference, pre or alternate post workshops and breakout sessions please go to http://www.epccanada.ca/