The first draft for registration and conduct regulations for the proposed new college under the Ministry of Health that will regulate registered psychotherapists and registered mental health therapists of Ontario was presented by the transitional council in London Ontario Friday March 25th.

 This was an opportunity to ask questions, have input, give feedback and review the outline of the proposal. The first draft is already 40 pages long and very detailed as to the requirements needed to be able to practice therapy in Ontario if you are NOT a registered psychologist or social worker.

Who this will include exactly has yet to be formally determined however they are using the psychotherapy act as a definition which states (paraphrasing here) anyone who conducts 1:1 or group sessions whose intent is to effect behavioural or attitudinal change verbally or nonverbally. This may or may not include clergy, EFT practitioners, coaches , Child and youth workers, addiction and possibly even career counsellors. Your guess is as good as mine!

There will be 2 classes of registration RMHT (registered mental health therapist) and RP (registered psychotherapist each with specific requirements.

In my questioning about the role of EP practitioners they said they have yet to review this but are aware of the nature of the work involved with clients and have yet to determine how this might dovetail in. My logic says that if they determine that MTT or EFT practitioners are indeed serving 1:1 or group populations where they are engaged in either verbal or nonverbal processes that effect a change in clients behaviour, and attitudes, they might be considered as practicing psychotherapy and thus may need to be regulated in this province under this new college to be able to practice.

 I think that anyone who is currently counselling and using EFT or MTT in their counselling or therapeutic intervention strategies in Ontario and are NOT a registered psychologist or social worker, it will be advisable to also continue training with a reputable practitioner training association for EP. The new college will be rigorous and includes providing many details on your experience, trainings, education and efforts to develop self awareness. They are saying they are trying to be broad in its scope and include as many possible tracks.

 As recent word has spread in the EFT/MTT world of late of the problems with using the word “psychology”, it is not a permissible word to use to describe your practice and violates ethics in the way of misrepresenting what you are offering if you are not a registered psychologist. Things are going to get very complex for us.

 This new college hopes to be functioning by 2013 but there are so many discrepancies thus far. I can imagine it will take longer than that to sort this all out. They will be providing grandfathering for those of us who have been counselling or doing therapy for some time and they stated that this new college will have far reaching effects on the educational system as well as employment for the future of Ontario Some of the criteria for supervision hours required cannot be met in the educational programs as it stands today and there was concern about this from those professors teaching related higher education programs.

There will be many more drafts and revisions to come down the pipe however choosing ACEP verses AAMET etc may be a very important choice. We need assurances that they will stand the test of time and be totally professional and acceptable to the standards expected by this new college. I do not want to see this new college say that EFT or MTT cannot be used in practice. To ensure that this does not happen, we need to keep up with our training and our certifications in these modalities so when they ask if we are certified to practice EFT or MTT we have professional organizations and a certification process to back us up. Who to choose what to do? Which of these 3 organizations offering EFT/MTT certification will be acceptable and stand the test of time? I think these organisations should take a look at this draft and see for themselves the standards such a college is expecting.

To view the draft go to Once on this page go to the right under notice and click on the London consultation meeting and it will take you to PDF doc. of the proposed regulations for registration and professional misconduct.

Jody Galardo M.Ed