TAP TO COPE, Japan 2011


Listening to the news and seeing the inconceivable realities going on in Japan is a daily experience for many of us right now.

I believe they are holding the container for all of us. They are heroes, teaching us and preparing us for our possible, potential and alarmingly probable future. They are the soul co-creators of our great mother earth trying to release the tensions in her body created by us ALL. Our global involvements, technologically and through greedy consumerism have created this condition. We are one world, one people and we all have a responsibility in taking some action for the healing of our planet and in supporting Japan and her people for fighting the fight for us.

 Nuclear power is in every country and state in North America. Given the energy and force of nature, natural /techno tragedy is anyone’s game. We can deny and pretend that the safeguards the government and news profess for our safety and protection are the truth but really, give your head a shake. Most intelligent people, people with common sense know ….chemicals, carcinogens, and poisons in the air, whatever you want to label this as, are killing us and will continue to impact our health and the planet.

So here we are, talking about all the supplements needed to protect someone from any trace of nuclear radiation. See David Wolf’s video. I feel this tragic situation awakens one of humanities greatest environmental fear and anxiety. When we allow ourselves to tune in and empathize with the Japanese people and imagine what this experience must be like for them, for the children, for relatives and loved ones that cannot find their families, we can begin to understand the magnitude of this distress. The trauma emotionally is immense and if that doesn’t destroy a life, the body might have to fight for its very existence. There is no escape.  There is only the survival of coping. The Japanese people are demonstrating this survival of coping with patience and respect for one another as they wait hours on end for meagre supplies. We have much to learn from them.

We, who seem far away from the “danger”, can distract ourselves with day to day routine life activities and when we stop for a moment and hear the updates we can become stunned by the implications of this massive earth shift. The world did indeed shift with this quake and we are all being affected whether you are conscious or not of this fact.

You may become aware of distress and added tension in your body not recognizing that perhaps your emotions are engaged in this event more than you might suspect. You might find yourself reacting more suddenly with agitation, frustration or anger towards others or yourself. You may feel more anxious and preoccupied with body discomfort. You might sleep more or be wakeful when you want to sleep. You might feel ungrounded (because the earth is shaking under your feet). Sensitive individuals will feel these subtle shifts. The point is, to be aware that changes might come to the forefront of your life and it might not be your child or husband or boss that is to blame. It just might mean you are opening your heart to the vibration and palpable pain in the world at this time and it doesn’t feel very good. 

So let’s tap

Each line represents a point on the short EFT sequence.

Even though “IT’S  PRETTY  HEAVY,  WHAT’S  HAPPENING, WHAT’S  SHAPING, WHAT’S  SHIFTING  OUR WORLD” in Japan and I choose to stay calm and relaxed and send healing light to the people of Japan now and accept myself and my part( intentionally or unintentionally) in the creation of this tragedy.  3x

This is really heavy and inconceivable.

I cannot even believe the pictures I am seeing or imagine what it must be like to be in the throes of this nightmare. 

The outcome of this for years to come for our world and for the people of Japan is big!

What if this could happen to me, my loved ones and my family?

This is scary and heartbreaking all at the same time.

The people of Japan are brave and courageous.

They are demonstrating patience and respect.

They are our teachers and I too can bring these qualities into my life.

This event awakens my own mind to my own mortality and that sometimes scares me.

I feel uncertain about my future and the future of my children.

Our world is changing. I’m worried tragedy can strike at any time.

It’s pretty heavy, what’s happening, what’s shaping, what’s shifting.

Sometimes I don’t feel safe.

Sometimes I don’t trust the reassurances given by my government.

The news reports are disturbing for me to watch and listen to.

I am shocked and traumatized on some level of my being whether I am conscious or not of this happening.

Disbelief and denial are my comfort now.

 In the safety of being detached, I send blessings on a wave of compassion to everyone who is suffering and to our mother Earth as she restores balance of her form.

I forgive myself and anyone else who has contributed to this problem past, present and future lives.

I choose to trust there is a divine purpose to this plan for the highest good of all living things.

I choose to release and send back in love all thoughts and feelings that are not mine.

 Conscious and unconscious fears and anxieties are released now from every cell of my body.

I choose to remain calm and relaxed as I witness the unfolding of this event.

I am grateful for the life I currently have.