A participant who attended my EFT workshop commented on how they experience self loathing and has difficulty with the default phrase in the EFT set up,” I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

Ten years ago when I first began to introduce EFT to my clients it became obvious that this statement hit home and some would get tearful saying this statement. At the core of who we are, we all desire to really deeply love and accept ourselves. I believe it is the intention of our souls to remember how beautiful we really are when we step outside our ego. If you are struggling with this standard phrase then repeating it 3 times can be painful.

 I’d like to reframe that by saying that anyone attempting to use EFT/MTT, use self help methods or for those that decide to come in for counselling are taking steps towards healing and in actuality those choices and actions are indeed acts of self love which translates into the reality that you are really “LEARNING to love and accept yourself”.  Committing to searching for ways to release from toxic thoughts and emotions is an act of accepting and loving the self.

If you find yourself cringing at repeating the phrase “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”?
 Try replacing with: Even though I have this___________________(identify specifically the emotion or body sensation)………….

“I want to learn to accept myself”
“I acknowledge and accept that I cannot accept myself in this moment”
“I acknowledge this feeling”
“I am open to the possibility of healing”
“I accept my feelings without judgement”
“I am an OK person anyways”
“I forgive myself”
“I am learning to be calm and confident”

Notice if any of these statements resonates more with your belief about the self and use as needed. Please let me know if any of these work better for you or you land on one that works more smoothly for you. Keep tapping……………Jody