November 6th, 2010 at the 12th annual Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto Ontario, Dr. Christine Page delivered a high energy address entitled “Awakening to the Mystery”. Immersed in spiritual mysteries from a young age she had an early start in developing her gifts as an intuitive mystic. She has over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor and homeopath. She is my kind of doctor; bright, intuitive, warm and bold, committed to bringing her truth to all whom are willing to listen. On stage she was animated, funny and exudes a BIG spirit.

 This was my first and impressionable experience of her and as of yet, have not read any of her six books with her most recent book being 2012 and the Galactic Center: Return of the Great Mother.  I did not take copious notes because I was more focused on her words but did manage to jot down a few of her ideas which I thought I would share with you.

As I am not well versed in astrology I was fascinated by her explanation of our spiritual history in relation to astrology and the well known symbols and archetypes of the ages. Understanding our evolutionary historic and spiritual past enables us to gleam a sense about where we are headed. For example she spoke of Jesus being the messenger of the Piscean Age and all the biblical references to “fishy things” and the Piscean Age being represented by the fish symbol. How Jesus’ core message was to love thy neighbour as thy self and unfortunately for the last 2,000 years we humans have collectively done the opposite with our engagements with war.

She talked about the sun being more closely aligned to the Galactic center than it’s been for 26,000 years and that the galactic alignment began in 1987 with the harmonic convergence and that the passage of the sun in front of the galactic center will take 36 years ending in 2023. She talked about the Milky Way as being the great mother and that the Mayans saw the Milky Way as the pregnant belly of the great mother. As we were birthed from her we are being pulled back into her and eventually into her heart, the galactic center.

Much of her address focused on where we are right now in shifting times as we approach 2012 and the effects we might be feeling and experiencing. She dated the beginning of this new portal opening as starting in 2012; the middle will be felt in 2023 and the start of the new world beginning in 2038. She shared that we have been in this same position 3 times before and never made it through. She warned to watch for people claiming to be the messiah or those with special powers greater than our own selves as this is still a reflection of the Piscean age and not the energies of the coming Age of Aquarius when the sun will enter Aquarius in 2100. At that point in our evolution we need not look to an authority figure to find our own personal connection to god and that the Age of Aquarius indicates individual New Age spiritual awakening en masse, which is not organized.

 Now is a time when all “the secrets will rise up from the deep unconscious to be transformed in the fire of inner truth.”  Secrets give our power away and are closely aligned with shame and thus we do not feel whole. Look carefully as to what the pattern is that is coming at you. Familiarity is a comfortable place for many people and people feel confused by the choices and this confusion distracts people from making the very choices they really need to make for themselves. If you are a victim you cannot make decisions because you perceive the power lies outside your own self.

 With the lifting of the veil hidden things will be revealed. “Even though we chose to be on earth at this time we are being asked to go back and undo anything that is incomplete or unresolved and the unknown still causes us to feel anxious. Dreams will become more powerful.  We may experience dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of focus, increased emotions and sleep and wake states merging.  We will have greater abilities to feel other people’s feelings.” We may need to create better boundaries with our partners and friends. Food choices may need to change. Eliminate the word “should” as this keeps you separate from the self. She spoke of the paradigm of time. Time is speeding up to the point it will dissolve and how we can do a healing in the present to change the past.

She passionately spoke of her concerns for our youth and their mental health problems resulting from early immunizations and the effects of our current technology with phones, texting and the computer; that there is an increase in mental health problems and psychosis  because they are not physically active nor connected to nature or involved in the arts. “They are not present and not touching others.”

The message that stood out for me and caused me personally some shaky” tappable’ feelings  and thoughts was that we must do our own healing work quickly because we do not have the luxury of time to put off the inevitable. I think I’ve had this irrational belief that if I clear my stuff, do my personal healing work that I would be saved or spared from being sucked into some vortex of some unknown impending scary place. Now I am clearer that it is not enough for just my big “I” to do this work but that “we” must do this collectively in order to be ready to shift. We need to heal ourselves and heal the collective unconsciousness of shame from all prior generations as Dr. Daniel Benor poignantly spoke about in the later panel discussion at the CAIET conference. We must think BIG and ask what good is this for the universe? Does it only serve me or others? “We are here to birth a new world.” We are living between the worlds and it is time to bring heaven onto earth.

Christine says “BE IN YOUR BODY, BE IN YOUR HEART AND BE ON THE EARTH”. This is a time of joy, ride the waves! Tap your feet on this sweet earth, get grounded and ask for help. “It is a time to remember who you are. You are an amazing immortal, multidimensional being. You are a creative genius.”                Jody Galardo M.Ed.