A Review of ASK and RECEIVE by Tom Altaffer and Sandi Radomski

The following are my first impressions and observations of a recent audio series by Patricia Carrington and Sandi Radomski’s demonstrations of the new releasing technique known as Ask and Receive which was developed by Sandi Radomski and Tom Altaffer. I am no expert and suggest that if you want to know more about this method please see the “Ask and Receive” website and purchase Sandi’s very affordable manual.

One tape is of Pat using a blend of tapping and “A&R “ with a client who felt blocked in moving forward with her career because of a limiting belief and interfering dynamics from her family of origin. The other was a session with Sandi and her client who was having severe knee inflammation and at times crippling knee pain. Both were demonstrations of how ask and receive can be used in session. These recordings are available for free on both the ask and receive site and www.patsclass.com

Here are the basic concepts of ask and receive taken directly from Sandi web site www.askandreceive.org

The basic concepts are the following:

1. Higher States of our consciousness always have the answers.  They always have a bigger picture – a higher perspective.

2.  We do not always have access to this information.

3.  Ask and Receive gives us a way to directly get Higher States knowledge.

4.  Ask and Receive uses the power of the word.

5.  Trauma creates limiting beliefs that continue to run our lives.

6.  In Ask and Receive we unhook past traumas from current reality.

7.  As unlimited beings we can create profound changes within us.

8.  Ask and receive can be used for oneself, with another and also on behalf of others.

Sandi is an expert muscle tester and much of her original technique relies on asking questions and testing for congruency through muscle testing, testing to check if the body is receptive and in alignment with the statement? Testing weak would warrant using “ask and receive” or A&R with tapping. Testing strong indicates being in alignment with that idea or thought.

It appeared to me from an EFT perspective that in both session between Sandi and Pats’ clients there were a number of what appeared to be unconscious psychological reversals getting in the way, preventing progress for which the client was seeking help with.

If you are familiar with the EFT secondary benefit syndrome you are aware that these blocker limiting beliefs could include unconscious thoughts of:

Not being deserving of getting over the problem

Not feeling safe to let this go,

Not believing your body can heal,

This will never work,

I should be punished,

My relationships will all change,

I will lose my identity.

It’s not good for others if I have what I want

I am not being loyal to my family if I have what I want.

In the audio Q&A Sandi refers to these issues as “surrounding the dragon” and tests for congruency on these thoughts. These are typical causes behind not being able to move forward and appear to be corrected quite easily with the “Ask and Receive” method. As stated in the basic concepts of A&R, past traumas can create limiting beliefs.

The process requires that the client first identify what it is they want and/ or identify the limiting belief in a sentence. Write it down_____________________________________________

Ask for a SUDS rating on how true that statement feels. ________.

The following is the word protocol used in A&R.

VERBALLY SAY all the following steps (silently or out loud).

1.“There is a part of my being, that older wiser part of me that already knows

that I know longer need to believe________________(plug in limiting belief)

or……………………………….. hold onto____________(plug in physical symptom)

or………………………………… how to_________

or………………………………….knows that I can_______________ (state what you want)

2. Breathe

3. And that part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now.

4. It is doing so now with grace and ease

5. My mind, body and spirit is receiving this information.

6. Information transfer is now complete.”

Repeat the original statement and test either through muscle testing or asking how true that statement feels now.

If weak the process continues, exploring past traumas, reversals, using muscle testing and applying A&R for each “aspect” until each round tests strong. You can also do rounds of EFT and Pat’s “Choices” method if the SUDS level is not moving, integrating methods as your intuition guides you.

What I like about A&R is that it is a method that acknowledges our higher self and all the wisdom available to us if only we ASK! For me it holds a quality of sacredness and respect for our true inner beauty. In some respects I believe we are accessing the quantum field where all solutions are available. It is a quick, clear and direct path method with the flexibility to be included into other energy modalities. A&R can be used to surrogate for others and appears to be helpful for physically ill individuals and parents wanting to assist their autistic children. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over time. Both Patricia Carrington and Sandi are offering further trainings and intensives in the use of this method and more information is available on their respective sites. What is your impression of this new technique? Jody Galardo