I was in the stores the other day and heard a mother say to her two young children ” if you don’t behave we will go to Windsor and leave you two home alone”.

In the afternoon another said to their young child sitting in a grocery cart” if you fall out you will not have a birthday party”.

Both these comments jumped out at me.

I am reminded of how impressionable young children are and how they might interpret and internalize this information in their level of consciousness and wondered if any of these statements will have lasting effects on their core beliefs and future choices and behaviour?

Like…”if I don’t do what my mother expects of me I will be rejected, abandoned destined to be alone”or “what does falling off a cart have to do with my birthday?” “Am I not worthy of being celebrated”?

As a parent , I probably made similar threats to my two boys as an attempt to control their behaviour when I was at my wits end even though, having trained in early childhood education, I knew better.

What events or memories do you have from your childhood that have left a lasting impression?

These experiences may lead you to some of you own core beliefs that are driving your current behaviour today which you can thankfully tap on for emotional relief.